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The Abbey Knee Patch Tread is made of 4-way stretch silky-soft fabric and features gorgeous embroidery at the hip and on the back pocket flaps.The embroidery on the hip is even slimming! The knee patch tread pattern is not just a series of dots. It’s designed to offer directional grip where and when you need it! With Euro-seat styling, flattering lines, and offered in beautiful colors- Abbey Knee Patch Tread is sure to wow you!


Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
160636-03/LSAHARA-03LARGE $259.95
160636-03/MSAHARA-03MEDIUM $259.95
160636-03/SSAHARA-03SMALL $259.95
160636-03/XLSAHARA-03X-LARGE $259.95
160636-03/XSSAHARA-03X-SMALL $259.95
160636-07/LOLIVE-07LARGE $259.95
160636-07/MOLIVE-07MEDIUM $259.95
160636-07/SOLIVE-07SMALL $259.95
160636-07/XLOLIVE-07X-LARGE $259.95
160636-07/XSOLIVE-07X-SMALL $259.95
160636-24/LMAHOGANY-24LARGE $259.95
160636-24/MMAHOGANY-24MEDIUM $259.95
160636-24/SMAHOGANY-24SMALL $259.95
160636-24/XLMAHOGANY-24X-LARGE $259.95
160636-24/XSMAHOGANY-24X-SMALL $259.95
160636-02/LASH-02LARGE $259.95
160636-02/MASH-02MEDIUM $259.95
160636-02/SASH-02SMALL $259.95
160636-02/XLASH-02X-LARGE $259.95
160636-02/XSASH-02X-SMALL $259.95
160636-09/LMOSS-09LARGE $259.95
160636-09/MMOSS-09MEDIUM $259.95
160636-09/SMOSS-09SMALL $259.95
160636-09/XLMOSS-09X-LARGE $259.95
160636-09/XSMOSS-09X-SMALL $259.95
160636-26/LBLUE-26LARGE $259.95
160636-26/MBLUE-26MEDIUM $259.95
160636-26/SBLUE-26SMALL $259.95
160636-26/XLBLUE-26X-LARGE $259.95
160636-26/XSBLUE-26X-SMALL $259.95

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