• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 809268

Product description

Extra gussets and a full-coverage belly band ensure that our new Freedom Gusset Fly Sheet doesn't sacrifice comfort for enhanced protection. The ventilated mesh fabric protects the horse's sensitive skin from biting and stinging insects while the Tri-Gusset design allows for full freedom of movement. Additional features include: wide belly band for added protection, double front billets, hip darts, wither guard, tail flap and elastic leg straps.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
809268-01/68WHITE-0168 INCH $64.95
809268-01/70WHITE-0170 INCH $64.95
809268-01/72WHITE-0172 INCH $64.95
809268-01/74WHITE-0174 INCH $64.95
809268-01/76WHITE-0176 INCH $64.95
809268-01/78WHITE-0178 INCH $64.95
809268-01/80WHITE-0180 INCH $64.95
809268-01/82WHITE-0182 INCH $64.95
809268-01/84WHITE-0184 INCH $64.95
809268-41/68LIGHT BLUE-4168 INCH $64.95
809268-41/70LIGHT BLUE-4170 INCH $64.95
809268-41/72LIGHT BLUE-4172 INCH $64.95
809268-41/74LIGHT BLUE-4174 INCH $64.95
809268-41/76LIGHT BLUE-4176 INCH $64.95
809268-41/78LIGHT BLUE-4178 INCH $64.95
809268-41/80LIGHT BLUE-4180 INCH $64.95
809268-41/82LIGHT BLUE-4182 INCH $64.95
809268-41/84LIGHT BLUE-4184 INCH $64.95

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