• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 809269

Product description

Full coverage fly sheet with extended neck and belly guard. Lycra stretch panels positioned between the body of the sheet and the neck attachment offer improved comfort and mobility. Adjustable Velcro neck closures. A single halter tab allows the neck to be secured to a halter if so desired. Additional features include: double front buckle closures, removable elastic leg straps and shoulder gusset.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
809269-01/68WHITE-0168 INCH $72.50
809269-01/70WHITE-0170 INCH $72.50
809269-01/72WHITE-0172 INCH $72.50
809269-01/74WHITE-0174 INCH $72.50
809269-01/76WHITE-0176 INCH $72.50
809269-01/78WHITE-0178 INCH $72.50
809269-01/80WHITE-0180 INCH $72.50
809269-01/82WHITE-0182 INCH $72.50
809269-01/84WHITE-0184 INCH $72.50
809269-10/68NAVY-1068 INCH $72.50
809269-10/70NAVY-1070 INCH $72.50
809269-10/72NAVY-1072 INCH $72.50
809269-10/74NAVY-1074 INCH $72.50
809269-10/76NAVY-1076 INCH $72.50
809269-10/78NAVY-1078 INCH $72.50
809269-10/80NAVY-1080 INCH $72.50
809269-10/82NAVY-1082 INCH $72.50
809269-10/84NAVY-1084 INCH $72.50
809269-26/68DENIM-2668 INCH $72.50
809269-26/70DENIM-2670 INCH $72.50
809269-26/72DENIM-2672 INCH $72.50
809269-26/74DENIM-2674 INCH $72.50
809269-26/76DENIM-2676 INCH $72.50
809269-26/78DENIM-2678 INCH $72.50
809269-26/80DENIM-2680 INCH $72.50
809269-26/82DENIM-2682 INCH $72.50
809269-26/84DENIM-2684 INCH $72.50

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