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Woof Wear’s Vision Fly Veil features a game-changing design which gives improved comfort for the horse and peace of mind for the rider. Made from a soft, technical mesh fabric Woof Wear’s Vision Fly Veil keeps your horses head cool whilst avoiding pressure points due to the sleekness of the mesh. The generous cut behind the ears enables the secure fit under bridles including anatomically cut ‘curved’ bridles. Designed to match with the Vision Collection.

Woof Wear’s Vision Fly Veil Features:
• No-Pressure Point Design
• Soft Breathable Mesh to keep your Horse cool
• Stretch Ears for a perfect fit
• Attractive contrast Rope Binding

Washing Instructions:
• Machine wash max 30°C, gentle spin
• Wash using a non biological washing detergent
• DO NOT tumble dry

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
500336-10/LNAVY-10LARGE $36.50
500336-10/MNAVY-10MEDIUM $36.50
500336-13/LSTEEL-13LARGE $36.50
500336-13/MSTEEL-13MEDIUM $36.50
500336-19/LCHAMPAGNE-19LARGE $36.50
500336-19/MCHAMPAGNE-19MEDIUM $36.50
500336-40/LSHIRAZ-40LARGE $36.50
500336-40/MSHIRAZ-40MEDIUM $36.50
500336-43/LOCEAN-43LARGE $36.50
500336-43/MOCEAN-43MEDIUM $36.50
500336-54/LROSE GOLD-54LARGE $36.50
500336-54/MROSE GOLD-54MEDIUM $36.50
500336-15/LLILAC-15LARGE $36.50
500336-15/MLILAC-15MEDIUM $36.50
500336-11/LBLACK-11LARGE $36.50
500336-11/MBLACK-11MEDIUM $36.50

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