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The TuffRider Ladies Pinta Tights mimic your favorite pair of work out leggings. With maximum stretch, you’ll have complete freedom of movement for barn work and riding lessons. Gray tape detail on the thighs give you that popular athletic wear look. Crackle pattern silicone knee patches add another unique touch. Mesh bottoms provide ventilation and allow sweat to dry quickly; a wide zip pocket is placed on the back to hold small personal items. Achieve a smooth shape with a wide waist band.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
100189-06/LSAFARI-06LARGE $109.95
100189-06/MSAFARI-06MEDIUM $109.95
100189-06/SSAFARI-06SMALL $109.95
100189-06/XLSAFARI-06X-LARGE $109.95
100189-06/XSSAFARI-06X-SMALL $109.95

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