• Brand: TROXEL
  • Product Code: 0613

Product description

Performance Helmet 

Inspired by extreme sports, with its sleek athletic lines and deep fit for increased stability and comfort, the TX is the next generation equestrian helmet. With a new vent pattern to maximize airflow for a cooling effect and an athletic-shaped visor for increased peripheral vision, the TX equips riders with the best in helmet performance.  

·Athletic low profile
·Matte Duratec finish
·DialFit system
·NEW XS Size
·Mesh covered vents
·FlipFold removable washable headliner with Air-Channel technology

Disclaimer: This conversion chart is a guide only and does not constitute a guarantee as to the fit of the helmet. Some people may have a unique head shape changing what size they need. Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
0613-C11BLACK NITRO-11MEDIUM $109.95
0613-C25PINK RIOT-25MEDIUM $109.95
0613-D11BLACK NITRO-11LARGE $109.95
0613-D25PINK RIOT-25LARGE $109.95
0613-B64BLACK DIGI-CAMO-64SMALL $109.95
0613-C64BLACK DIGI-CAMO-64MEDIUM $109.95
0613-D64BLACK DIGI-CAMO-64LARGE $109.95
0613-B11BLACK NITRO-11SMALL $109.95
0613-A11BLACK NITRO-11X-SMALL $109.95
0613-A16RED FLASH-16X-SMALL $109.95
0613-A18PURPLE RAPTOR-18X-SMALL $109.95
0613-A64BLACK DIGI-CAMO-64X-SMALL $109.95
0613-B16RED FLASH-16SMALL $109.95
0613-B18PURPLE RAPTOR-18SMALL $109.95
0613-C16RED FLASH-16MEDIUM $109.95
0613-C18PURPLE RAPTOR-18MEDIUM $109.95
0613-D16RED FLASH-16LARGE $109.95
0613-D18PURPLE RAPTOR-18LARGE $109.95

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