• Brand: ROMFH
  • Product Code: 468455

Product description

The Sarafina is a breech 'fit' for royalty. The fit of this comfy mid-rise breech is outstanding. Flattering contoured waistband, strategically placed back yoke, and wide non-binding fit allows your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best! Features Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric for the softest, most comfortable technical breech in the marketplace! Machine washable.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
468455-11/24RBLACK-1124R $299.95
468455-11/26RBLACK-1126R $299.95
468455-11/28RBLACK-1128R $299.95
468455-11/30RBLACK-1130R $299.95
468455-11/32RBLACK-1132R $299.95
468455-11/34RBLACK-1134R $299.95
468455-03/24RWHITE/SAND-0324R $299.95
468455-03/26RWHITE/SAND-0326R $299.95
468455-03/28RWHITE/SAND-0328R $299.95
468455-03/30RWHITE/SAND-0330R $299.95
468455-03/32RWHITE/SAND-0332R $299.95
468455-03/34RWHITE/SAND-0334R $299.95

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