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Cooling IceFil® technology wicks moisture away from skin and keeps riders comfortable in hot weather, reducing body surface temperature by up to 5º. Antimicrobial fabric provides odor control, and Parasol technology provides UPF 50 sun protection. Lightweight mesh under arms provides ventilation, and the elliptical hem stays tucked for excellent coverage in the saddle. There's also a stock tie loop on the back neck, a lock-down zipper pull, and a side seam pocket to hold a cell phone. Material - body: 92% nylon, 8% spandex; mesh under arms: 80% nylon, 20% spandex

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
763399-01/LWHITE/WHITE-01LARGE $114.95
763399-01/MWHITE/WHITE-01MEDIUM $114.95
763399-01/SWHITE/WHITE-01SMALL $114.95
763399-25/LPINK SUNRISE-25LARGE $114.95
763399-25/MPINK SUNRISE-25MEDIUM $114.95
763399-25/SPINK SUNRISE-25SMALL $114.95
763399-42/LCORNFLOWER-42LARGE $114.95
763399-42/MCORNFLOWER-42MEDIUM $114.95
763399-42/SCORNFLOWER-42SMALL $114.95
763399-20/LPEACOCK-20LARGE $114.95
763399-20/MPEACOCK-20MEDIUM $114.95
763399-20/SPEACOCK-20SMALL $114.95
763399-36/LRASPBERRY-36LARGE $114.95
763399-36/MRASPBERRY-36MEDIUM $114.95
763399-36/SRASPBERRY-36SMALL $114.95
763399-35/STWILIGHT-35SMALL $114.95
763399-18/MAZURITE-18MEDIUM $114.95
763399-18/SAZURITE-18SMALL $114.95
763399-18/XLAZURITE-18X-LARGE $114.95
763399-40/LAZALEA-40LARGE $114.95
763399-40/MAZALEA-40MEDIUM $114.95
763399-40/SAZALEA-40SMALL $114.95
763399-40/XLAZALEA-40X-LARGE $114.95
763399-99/LDAPPLE GREY-99LARGE $114.95
763399-99/MDAPPLE GREY-99MEDIUM $114.95
763399-99/SDAPPLE GREY-99SMALL $114.95
763399-99/XLDAPPLE GREY-99X-LARGE $114.95

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