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Goodbye sitting trot bounce! The Cheata" Trotter is our most stable, powerful, and minimizing bra structure. It makes you smaller, sleeker, and smoother. Rear downward directional zipper with pull tab. Can be worn as an inner foundation piece or alone as a complete garment.


Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event where top-event rider, Lainey Ashker, talks about why she choses to wear the Cheata Trotter Bra to maximize her performance and look fabulous in the process.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
469867-02/LGREY/BLACK-02LARGE $114.95
469867-02/MGREY/BLACK-02MEDIUM $114.95
469867-02/SGREY/BLACK-02SMALL $114.95
469867-02/XLGREY/BLACK-02X-LARGE $114.95
469867-02/XSGREY/BLACK-02X-SMALL $114.95
469867-02/XXLGREY/BLACK-02XX-LARGE $114.95
469867-02/XXXLGREY/BLACK-02XXX-LARGE $114.95
469867-04/LNUDE-04LARGE $114.95
469867-04/MNUDE-04MEDIUM $114.95
469867-04/SNUDE-04SMALL $114.95
469867-04/XLNUDE-04X-LARGE $114.95
469867-04/XSNUDE-04X-SMALL $114.95
469867-04/XXLNUDE-04XX-LARGE $114.95
469867-04/XXXLNUDE-04XXX-LARGE $114.95
469867-11/LBLACK/GREY-11LARGE $114.95
469867-11/MBLACK/GREY-11MEDIUM $114.95
469867-11/SBLACK/GREY-11SMALL $114.95
469867-11/XLBLACK/GREY-11X-LARGE $114.95
469867-11/XSBLACK/GREY-11X-SMALL $114.95
469867-11/XXLBLACK/GREY-11XX-LARGE $114.95
469867-11/XXXLBLACK/GREY-11XXX-LARGE $114.95

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