• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 862211

Product description

Features: Waterproof, breathable, taped seams, Full neck styling for added coverage, 600d Polyester outer shell, Silky Nylon lining, 300 grams of thermal insulation, Twin Surcingle Fastening System, elasticized cross surcingle’s, removable nylon leg straps, shoulder gussets and tail flap.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
862211-45/68RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4568 INCH $159.95
862211-45/70RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4570 INCH $159.95
862211-45/72RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4572 INCH $159.95
862211-45/74RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4574 INCH $159.95
862211-45/76RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4576 INCH $159.95
862211-45/78RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4578 INCH $159.95
862211-45/80RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4580 INCH $159.95
862211-45/82RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4582 INCH $159.95
862211-45/84RED/BLACK/ZIG ZAG-4584 INCH $159.95
862211-102/68NAVY CIRCLES-10268 INCH $159.95
862211-102/70NAVY CIRCLES-10270 INCH $159.95
862211-102/72NAVY CIRCLES-10272 INCH $159.95
862211-102/74NAVY CIRCLES-10274 INCH $159.95
862211-102/76NAVY CIRCLES-10276 INCH $159.95
862211-102/78NAVY CIRCLES-10278 INCH $159.95
862211-102/80NAVY CIRCLES-10280 INCH $159.95
862211-102/82NAVY CIRCLES-10282 INCH $159.95
862211-102/84NAVY CIRCLES-10284 INCH $159.95
862211-105/68MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10568 INCH $159.95
862211-105/70MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10570 INCH $159.95
862211-105/72MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10572 INCH $159.95
862211-105/74MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10574 INCH $159.95
862211-105/76MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10576 INCH $159.95
862211-105/78MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10578 INCH $159.95
862211-105/80MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10580 INCH $159.95
862211-105/82MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10582 INCH $159.95
862211-105/84MINT/BLACK ZIGZAG-10584 INCH $159.95

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