• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 809216

Product description

A classically styled summer sheet in a Poly /Cotton blended fabric for improved strength, durability and colour-fastness. Affordable and available in a range of fashion colours! Features include: double front billets, cross surcingles, shoulder gusset, wither pad, tail tie and elastic leg straps.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
809216-38/70FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3870 INCH $49.95
809216-38/76FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3876 INCH $49.95
809216-38/78FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3878 INCH $49.95
809216-38/80FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3880 INCH $49.95
809216-38/82FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3882 INCH $49.95
809216-38/84FOREST/BEIGE/WHITE CHECK-3884 INCH $49.95
809216-50/68MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5068 INCH $49.95
809216-50/70MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5070 INCH $49.95
809216-50/72MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5072 INCH $49.95
809216-50/76MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5076 INCH $49.95
809216-50/78MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5078 INCH $49.95
809216-50/82MINT/YELLOW/BLACK CHECK-5082 INCH $49.95
809216-51/68PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5168 INCH $49.95
809216-51/70PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5170 INCH $49.95
809216-51/78PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5178 INCH $49.95
809216-51/80PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5180 INCH $49.95
809216-51/82PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5182 INCH $49.95
809216-51/84PLUM/MINT/ROSE CHECK-5184 INCH $49.95
809216-81/72PURPLE/NAVY/LIGHT GREEN CHECK-8172 INCH $49.95
809216-81/78PURPLE/NAVY/LIGHT GREEN CHECK-8178 INCH $49.95
809216-81/82PURPLE/NAVY/LIGHT GREEN CHECK-8182 INCH $49.95
809216-81/84PURPLE/NAVY/LIGHT GREEN CHECK-8184 INCH $49.95

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