• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 809273

Product description

Soft and cozy anti-pilling fleece in a sporty two tone design with dramatic metallic stripe and contrasting binding. Single surcingle style front closure with hook and loop quick fastener, single belly surcingle, wither guard, and d-rings for leg straps. The perfect choice after a lesson or a day at the show!

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
809273-62/68BLACK/GREY-6268 INCH $39.95
809273-62/70BLACK/GREY-6270 INCH $39.95
809273-62/72BLACK/GREY-6272 INCH $39.95
809273-62/74BLACK/GREY-6274 INCH $39.95
809273-62/76BLACK/GREY-6276 INCH $39.95
809273-62/78BLACK/GREY-6278 INCH $39.95
809273-62/80BLACK/GREY-6280 INCH $39.95
809273-62/82BLACK/GREY-6282 INCH $39.95
809273-62/84BLACK/GREY-6284 INCH $39.95
809273-94/68NAVY-/TAN-9468 INCH $39.95
809273-94/70NAVY-/TAN-9470 INCH $39.95
809273-94/72NAVY-/TAN-9472 INCH $39.95
809273-94/74NAVY-/TAN-9474 INCH $39.95
809273-94/76NAVY-/TAN-9476 INCH $39.95
809273-94/78NAVY-/TAN-9478 INCH $39.95
809273-94/80NAVY-/TAN-9480 INCH $39.95
809273-94/82NAVY-/TAN-9482 INCH $39.95
809273-94/84NAVY-/TAN-9484 INCH $39.95

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