• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 809215

Product description

Easy-care Polyester/Viscose summer sheet offers worry-free protection. Shrink-proof, soft and absorbent, the hard-wearing fabric was designed to resist odors and stains. Additional features include: double front billets, shoulder gusset, lined shoulder, tail cord and removable elastic leg straps.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
809215-02/70GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0270 INCH $49.95
809215-02/72GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0272 INCH $49.95
809215-02/76GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0276 INCH $49.95
809215-02/78GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0278 INCH $49.95
809215-02/80GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0280 INCH $49.95
809215-02/82GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0282 INCH $49.95
809215-02/84GREY/BLACK/YELLOW PLAID-0284 INCH $49.95
809215-57/68OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5768 INCH $49.95
809215-57/70OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5770 INCH $49.95
809215-57/72OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5772 INCH $49.95
809215-57/76OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5776 INCH $49.95
809215-57/78OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5778 INCH $49.95
809215-57/82OLIVE/MINT/BEIGE PLAID-5782 INCH $49.95

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