• Brand: CENTURY
  • Product Code: 8036

Product description

Great everyday coverage at a very affordable price! Durable yet soft Polyester fabric with two-tone binding. Double front billets, cross surcingles with elastic inserts, tail tie and d-rings for leg straps.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
8036-10/68NAVY/WHITE CHECK-1068 INCH $42.50
8036-10/70NAVY/WHITE CHECK-1070 INCH $42.50
8036-10/72NAVY/WHITE CHECK-1072 INCH $42.50
8036-10/76NAVY/WHITE CHECK-1076 INCH $42.50
8036-10/78NAVY/WHITE CHECK-1078 INCH $42.50
8036-12/68BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1268 INCH $42.50
8036-12/70BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1270 INCH $42.50
8036-12/72BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1272 INCH $42.50
8036-12/74BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1274 INCH $42.50
8036-12/76BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1276 INCH $42.50
8036-12/78BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1278 INCH $42.50
8036-12/80BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1280 INCH $42.50
8036-12/82BURGUNDY/WHITE CHECK-1282 INCH $42.50
8036-17/68EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1768 INCH $42.50
8036-17/70EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1770 INCH $42.50
8036-17/72EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1772 INCH $42.50
8036-17/74EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1774 INCH $42.50
8036-17/76EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1776 INCH $42.50
8036-17/80EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1780 INCH $42.50
8036-17/82EMERALD/WHITE CHECK-1782 INCH $42.50
8036-21/68CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2168 INCH $42.50
8036-21/70CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2170 INCH $42.50
8036-21/72CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2172 INCH $42.50
8036-21/74CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2174 INCH $42.50
8036-21/76CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2176 INCH $42.50
8036-21/78CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2178 INCH $42.50
8036-21/80CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2180 INCH $42.50
8036-21/82CHOCOLATE/WHITE CHECK-2182 INCH $42.50

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